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Diep Flap Reconstruction, Surgery and Benifits

A Diep flap is basically a form of breast reconstruction by which blood vessels named deep inferior epigastric perforators (DIEP), along with the skin and fat attached to them, are taken out from the lower abdomen and employed in the chest to rebuild a breast after mastectomy devoid of the sacrifice of any kind of the abs muscles.

diep flap reconstruction, surgery and benefits

Your surgeon cautiously reconnects the blood vessels of your flap to blood vessels inside your chest by using microsurgery. Due to the fact no muscle is utilized, most women heal more swiftly and have a lower chance of dropping abdominal muscle power with a DIEP flap reconstruction in comparison to any of the TRAM flap techniques.

Women commonly have unwanted skin and fat across the lower portion of their belly; plus, patients have “tummy tuck” it provides. This flap can be far better than the older TRAM surgery, in which women are restricted from lifting weighing things over 25 lbs., on account of the risk of hernia.

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What is  Staged DIEP Flap?

Staged DIEP flap is the procedure that is performed in phases, with time. This is a good choice for women who may require post-mastectomy radiation treatment. A tissue expander is positioned during the time of mastectomy and a couple of months later, when treatment is finish, the flap reconstruction may start.

Diep Flap Reconstruction

The DIEP flap reconstruction process for breast reconstruction is identical to the muscle-sparing free TRAM flap technique, but it merely involves the elimination of skin and fat. As opposed to the TRAM procedure, even so, no muscle is reduced. The DIEP flap like the TRAM flap demands a cut into the abdominal (rectus) muscles, since the blood vessels, or perforators, needed to maintain the tissue alive present just below or within this muscle. Thus, a tiny incision is performed in the abdominal muscle so as to gain access to the vessels present inside.

diep flap reconstruction, surgery and benefits
The working time may be twice as provided with the muscle-sparing free TRAM, and the flow of blood to the DIEP flap is probably not as effective as that from the muscle-sparing TRAM surgery, something to honestly contemplate about before choosing this breast reconstruction method. Nevertheless, with superior presurgical imaging of the blood vessels present in the abdomen (by using CT-scan), operative time and side-effect rates can be more decreased in DIEP flap breast reconstruction. Regardless of the claimed benefits, little details are available to back up a claim of efficiency of DIEP flap reconstruction over TRAM flap breast reconstruction.

Diep flap Reconstruction Contradictions

Tissue may be taken from your tummy for breast reconstruction only one time. So if you are thinking of prophylactic elimination and DIEP flap surgery of the 2nd breast, you may want to develop that conclusion prior to decide on diep flap reconstruction. If you have done DIEP flap reconstruction on a single breast and then afterwards need reconstruction on the other breast, tissue for that second, later breast reconstruction should have to take from your butts or back. Or you may have reconstruction using an enhancement.

Diep Flap Surgery

Due to the fact skin, fat, and blood vessels are shifted from the belly to the chest area, having a DIEP flap surgery implies your belly is going to be flatter and stronger as in case you have a tummy tuck. Even now, a DIEP flap surgery may leave a long horizontal mark from hipbone to hipbone about 1/3rd of the way in between the surface of your pubic hair and your belly button. Generally, the scar is beneath your bikini line. Right after when the skin and fat are eliminated from your belly, the abdomen is again closed. Not any fine mesh material is needed to assist the abdominal wall, as in the case with a TRAM flap. Your waist line will be brought back out by means of a separate incision and reformed.

This animation reveals and describes this innovative surgical procedure.

Creative techniques, just like fat transfer or grafting, can be employed to give your figure a more natural look in breast reconstruction surgery . You should consult all your issues with your plastic and reconstructive surgeon, along with your expectations for your post-surgery visual appeal and recovery. Your surgeon may also show you pictures of other patient’s results.

Benefits of DIEP Flap

When the breast reconstruction is completed entirely with your personal tissue, the results are commonly more natural and there are no worries regarding problems with implants.

This procedure minimizes the higher risk of hernia or tummy fat which takes place more frequently in TRAM flap operations.

During reconstruction of both sides (both breasts), TRAM flap patients have significantly affected abdominal wall strength which causes them to “roll over” up out of bed, or use accent muscles to stand up from a chair or from lying down. Bilateral DIEP flap reconstruction prevents these impairments but has comparative scar styles. You will likewise have the additional benefit of an enhanced abdominal contour.

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