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Best Exercises and Principles To Build Chest Muscles Fast

Are you desperately looking for exercises how to build chest muscles fast? Many programs will teach you what exercises you should perform to build chest muscles fast but doesn’t emphasize the importance of variety! I will show you my 3 best exercises to build chest muscles and advanced shocking principles that will make your chest muscle to grow in the next 4 weeks.

best exercises to build chest muscle fast and principles

But before we go any further, I will give you some very potential chest building tips that you must take seriously if you want to build chest muscles fast.

Principles of Build Chest Muscle Fast

In order to build chest muscles fast, it requires training with a variety of exercises. You will need to hit each part of your chest muscle including, upper, lower, inner and outer head to fully develop your chest! This kind of variety will shock your chest muscle and prevent adaptation, which means your muscle will refuse to grow.

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Make your chest workout plentiful

Never train your chest in the same way more than two weeks. Your muscles will adapt in the same workout and it becomes harder to make them grow! One good way to shock your chest muscle is to pre-exhaust your chest by doing some lighter isolation exercises like dumbbell flys before at the beginning of your workout.

Keep your workouts progressive

This might be the hardest part to implement while achieving the aim of “Build chest muscle fast”. But it’s the key to build a bigger chest. I see very often, how guys are desperately trying to build their chest by doing countless sets of bench presses using the same weight week after week. And the results will remain the same.
Train chest using free weights. In the early of 70s, bodybuilders tend to build their massive chest using nothing but free weights, and the fact holds true in these days.
Although, a lot of gyms are equipped with many modern machines. You can of course train chest with machines, but keep it as a secondary option.

Exercise Correction

It should be consist of free and heavy compound movements that stimulate the largest amount of chest muscles.
Another mistake I see often is the poor lifting technique. Lifting weights incorrectly, you are not effectively targeting your Pecs and therefore not recruit enough muscle fibers that are essential if you want to build chest muscle fast. Train your chest through the full range of motion and therefore you will able to stimulate your chest muscle to its fullest and maximize the muscle growth.

Best Exercises to Build Chest Muscle Fast

Now, here are my 3 best exercises along with the techniques, how to build a huge chest fast.

1. Barbell Flat Bench Press

This is the king of all chest exercises and should be included in your chest workout routine if you truly want to build a bigger chest fast! And if you follow the tips above, you are going to expect amazing results.
However, I found that alternating the width of the grip, you will hit the different areas of the Pecs and help you to build chest muscles fast.

Technique of Barbell Flat Bench Press

  • Using narrower than a shoulder width will target more your triceps and inner chest, where a wider grip will target more your outer chest.
  • One more technique that I use is an over wide grip. It allows me to stretch my pecs to its maximum.

best exercises to build chest muscle fast and principles

  • Learn to lift heavy weights.
  • I have always performed bench presses using a power lifting style and thereby was able to add 200 pounds to my bench press within 3 years of training.
  • Always perform low reps 5-8 and use a variety of intensive techniques like supersets and drop sets.
  • Lower the bar toward your chest slowly under control until it touches just below the pec muscles.
  • At the bottom of the position, make sure to point your elbows slightly outward and keep your forearms end up perpendicular to the floor.
  • Press the weight back up explosively but under full control. This will help you in build your chest muscle fast.

2. Incline Barbell Bench Press

If you want to build upper chest fast, incline barbell press is the answer! And especially barbell press, which allows using heavy weights.

best exercises to build chest muscle fast and principles
This exercise builds the strength and mass in the middle and upper pecs.

Technique of Incline Barbell Bench Press

  • Changing the angle of the bench, you are putting more stress to your front delts, which is not the purpose of the incline press.
  • Front will be involved in pressing movements, but the higher the angle, the more your delts will take the role of lifting.
  • To build strength and mass to your pecs, you can start by using a lower angle and as you progress, you can increase the angle.
  • This will produce the kind of total development that build chest muscles fast and equally.

3. Parallel Bar Dips

Parallel Bar Dip is a great exercise to build lean mass to your pecs, especially in the lower area. It also develops triceps. Include parallel bar dips in your chest workout routine. In my opinion this exercise stress lower pecs harder than decline bench press, because you are using your own body weight toward the gravity and therefore your entire upper body will remain contracted.

best exercises to build chest muscle fast and principles

Technique of Parallel Bar Dips

  • Lower yourself slowly as far as you can until you feel your pecs completely stretched.
  • Lowering yourself too fast will put the stress to your shoulder joints.
  • Press yourself back up to the starting position, and immediately start another rep.
  • You can use additional weight to add more resistance.
  • The farther you lean yourself, the greater stretch you will feel in your chest.

If you have problems with your shoulders, this exercise is not for you. You can get similar effects doing decline bench press, where you set the angle of the bench sloping downwards. Perform these exercise will show you amazing results of when you are trying to build chest muscles.

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